Customised services for the individual or group

bitcoin education

Intensive Executive Program: 2 hour seminar

I offer a condensed 2 hour seminar for busy executives so they can get up to speed quickly on the most important points of bitcoin and have a base-level of understanding when talking with clients.


$ 1,900 per person up to 3 people

$ 750 per additional person

Full Bitcoin Education Program: 8, 16, 24 hour seminars

I offer a comprehensive education about bitcoin in the form of in-person seminars (8/16/24 hours) that include rigorous, in-depth explanations of all the components to understanding bitcoin, including economics (Austrian School), philosophy, history, cryptography, and technology.

My seminars offer a detailed, structured programme for corporates to become educated on bitcoin quickly, and, ultimately, to provide them with the tools to make their own investment decisions.

Price: upon request

In addition, I offer consulting services on the best way to gain the full benefits of integrating with bitcoin, as well as guidance on how to protect your bitcoin securely and privately.

My service has 3 strands: understand bitcoin, accumulate bitcoin, secure your bitcoin


  • What is bitcoin?

  • How does it work?

  • Why is it important and what problem does it solve?

  • Why is bitcoin different from everything else?

  • What are the implications of the hardest money ever invented?

Bitcoin is inter-disciplinary; requiring an understanding of numerous fields, therefore I provide clients with a wholistic understanding.


  • Analyse income & cash flow statements, as well as balance sheet structure

  • Establish initial target bitcoin allocation, tailored to the risk tolerance and time preference of the client

  • Develop recurring bitcoin accumulation strategies best aligned with long term goals and prospects of the client


  • Advise on the best industry-standard solutions for you to protect & control your bitcoin safely, securely, and privately in the way that’s suited to you

Customised prices upon request