bitcoin synapse

Hi, I’m Darius

I received my formal education in Pure & Applied Mathematics at University College London (MS, BS, 2020), and prior to that I studied at Westminster School in London where I grew up. In addition, I have done substantial independent and in-depth education in Philosophy, Austrian School of Economics, and Cryptography, and possess a deep understanding of bitcoin.

I have always sought to understand the big ideas from science, philosophy, psychology, and economics. Bitcoin is such a big idea. It lies at the intersection of many different disciplines, and to understand it requires an understanding of ideas across these domains of knowledge, as well as an understanding of the historical context from which bitcoin emerges, and the problem that it solves.

I can help you and your business understand what bitcoin is, how it works, and why it’s important. I can also help you develop an effective strategy to accumulate it, and to protect it with an emphasis on security and privacy, using the best tools the bitcoin ecosystem has to offer. 

My consulting services will equip you not just with a rigorous conceptual understanding of bitcoin, but also with the practical knowledge of how to store and utilize it safely.